Off-plan deposits. Lex Legis Legal Claims

What is needed to claim?
We would need cop­ies of your doc­u­ments to study if you have a good case; that is:
– pur­chase con­tract
– proof of amounts paid by cheque, credit card or bank trans­fers
– re­ceipts of pay­ments re­ceived by the prop­erty de­velopers
– the ini­tial total price of the prop­erty
– the cor­res­pond­ence (if ap­plic­able) between you and the prop­erty de­velopers (and any other writ­ten com­mu­nic­a­tions that may be of use for the case)
– any cop­ies of any Court doc­u­ments
Hav­ing the con­tracts, cop­ies of all pay­ments, any cor­res­pond­ence is all very im­port­ant. Any legal case needs proof and evid­ence but with this, we may be able to help you sue and re­cover all of your money and in­terest and costs.
No Win No Fee
We need to re­view in­di­vidual situ­ations but there may be an op­tion of re­cov­er­ing an in­vest­ment by pay­ing the bar­ris­ter fees and Court costs, or on a pos­sible no win no fee basis.
Please con­tact us as soon as pos­sible as there is a time lim­it­a­tion on these cases and also we need to con­sider how many people to in­clude in our Ac­tion.


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